Weird West Adams with the 1947 Project

I just got a note from Kim at the 1947 Project, reminding me that the Weird West Adams tour is tomorrow, and she hadn’t seen my name on the list. Of course, I’ve had a ticket for a week, but because I bought mine at a discount from GoldStar Events, it won’t show up to the organizers until tomorrow.

However, Kim’s message did remind me to remind all of YOU that the Weird West Adams Crime Bus rolls tomorrow, and I am no end of excited about it. I wish I could have seen Los Angeles when West Adams was the Beverly Hills. I remember going to West Adams as a teenager, to visit a pawn shop my uncle owned, and being shocked that all those beautiful old houses had been allowed to run down. At seventeen, I had no idea what “white flight” was, because we don’t have that in the British Columbia cities I grew up with. I was horrified that houses similar to those which had been lovingly preserved (and carved up into apartments) back in Vancouver had been allowed to fall into ruin in L.A. So I’m especially interested to go on a tour which will tell me more about the drama of the neighborhood, and the history of the district. That, and I love true crime. has more details, and you can sign up by contacting Kim and Nathan through the website – but I recommend doing it fast. Previous years’ bus tours have sold out, and the inaugural tour I went on in March had to be extended to a second day to accomodate demand. I think there’s a greater demand for history in this city than anyone realizes – especially history with a slant, like that of the 1947 project.

Now, I have to go build a little fort out of the Christmas boxes in my office. See y’all on the bus tomorrow!