Fresnel Lens Returning to Pt. Fermin Lighthouse

lens2.jpgPt. Fermin Lighthouse will be celebrating not only its 132nd anniversary on Saturday but also the return of its original lens.

For at least thirty years John Olguin has been hunting for the missing 4th Order Fresnel that used to sit atop the lighthouse tower. In 1941 it was removed (during the war) and later loaned to a museum on the Santa Monica Pier. When storms were lashing the pier it was removed and stored in the basement of one of the museum’s directors. The house was later sold after he died and the lens went with it.

After many years of searching it was finally located in a private collection in Malibu and the persistence of Olguin has finally paid off with its return to Pt. Fermin.

Photo by Steve McCrank / Daily Breeze (click on photo to see more)

Starting at 10AM there will be a gala celebration at the Pt. Fermin lighthouse, Saturday, December 16, 2006.

Children are invited to draw a picture of the lighthouse and the first 1,000 to do so will be rewarded with a hand-finished replica of the tower.

At 1PM there will be a parade around the lighthouse followed by cake and ice cream.

At 2PM dignitaries give their speeches.

The event wraps up at 4PM.

The lens will be on display at the lobby for now, but there are plans to get a crane to hoist it into its old position at the top of the 1874 lighthouse tower.

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  1. Everybody’s favourite Californian, Huell Howser, filmed a piece on the Lighthouse a few months back, right after they got the lens returned. I’m not sure if it aired yet, but if it hasn’t, it should soon.

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