First Street Transformation

A schlep Downtown to the former Little Pedros revealed two surprises:

First Street Bridge is decorated for the holidays:
[click to embiggen]

And Little Pedro’s, under the auspices of Dana Hollister (Brite Spot, Odalisque, etc.), is now Bordello’s–an aesthetic cross between Deadwood and Louis XIV, which will specialize in what general manager “C.C.” calls “original, first-generation music. None of those skinny kids in their girlfriend’s jeans with the white belts any more.” Adios, hipsters, apparently.

It sure is pretty; it remains to see how well it does. Some friends and I returned a few nights later, and when we walked into Bordello’s the DJ was blowing mightily. But I’m such a sucker for a pretty room that I’ll continue to give it a chance. Perhaps the burlesque nights will be a better bet. Here’s the stage:
[clicky for biggie]

4 thoughts on “First Street Transformation”

  1. did hipsters actually go there? aside from a few nights when they had events it kind of seemed that the hipster crowd they were shooting for never really showed up in much force over there. maybe they’ll have better luck now?

  2. Sorry, I gotta weigh in here (as someone who helped throw a couple LAA events at the old new Little Pedro’s and thought the cavernous Morrocan aesthetic, while a bit much, was at least condusive to bar-life).

    This red velvet make-over and name change is the worst yet in a string of bad ideas for this historic building and Downtown border bar. It’s gaudy, aggressively tacky and just out of touch with where it is. Trying to discourage the aforementioned “white belt” crowd I can understand, but who does this mean they’re going after? The white garter belt crowd?

    People who try vastly shaking up a bar’s steeze every six months by mimicking other people’s ideas, or in this case running wild on a whim, betrays bad business judgement and no concern for the community that a neighborhood bar can breed. With a little patience, that place would have had 600 new Little Tokyo residents in the next year who’d prolly love a casual venue to check out a band and have a pint. Instead they get a booty house sleaze palace where you can order some god awful Wolfgang Puck-imitation appetizer in a martini glass for $15.

    Oh yeah, and there’s still a fucking Mosque turret thing on the top of your building. Idiots.

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