Christmas Horror Double-Dog-Dare

“Black Christmas” and “Silent Night, Deadly Night” double feature at the New Beverly

A little known fact among fans of holiday movies is that before Bob Clark directed “A Christmas Story”, arguably the best Christmas movie, he shot “Black Christmas”, a horror film about a sorority house being terrorized by a perverted maniac during their holiday break. The movie was a slasher film way ahead of its time – some credit it with inspiring “Friday the 13th” – and gave one worse things to worry about than shooting your eye out.

Perhaps the more recognized movie of the Christmas horror film sub-genre is “Silent Night, Deadly Night” – if only for the great poster artwork (shown here) and having a relentless killer dressed up as Santa Claus offing people in all sorts of creative ways. This film came off the heels of that other holiday hit, “Halloween”, and even carried the tag line, “You’ve made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.”

Next Tuesday night, both films will screen at the New Beverly Cinema as part of the Grindhouse Film Festival series:

For the low price of only $7.00, attendees get two rare films, a reel of rare exploitation trailers, a free raffle, and very often appearances by the directors, cast and crew of the films being shown.

And indeed, Bob Clark himself will be in attendance, along with John Saxon and Olivia Hussey.

(h/t Film Radar Horror-Fan, who designates this as one of their official field trips – for more info or to RSVP with the Film Radar crew, contact Ray McDermott at [email protected])

New Beverly Cinema
7165 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-4038

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  1. Oh what was the name of that 70’s horror movie where a deranged Santa pegs a topless chick on some deer antlers?

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