Indians vs. Jews

Given all the racially charged comedy happenings in LA recently, I’m delighted to announce the next thing sure to piss off a bunch of people with nothing better to do:


The line up is Wyatt Cenac (Upright Citizens Brigade),Vali Chandrasekaran (My Name is Earl), Ben Glieb (Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn), Adam Hunter (nationally touring), Sanjay Shah (King of the Hill), & maybe some surprise guests (Drew Carey and Norm MacDonald dropped by at prior shows). The guest emcee is Ravi Patel (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia). There is a bunch more info on their MySpace page and you can buy tickets here. As noted all proceeds are going to Doctors Without Borders which is pretty cool. (And speaking of MySpace, I just noticed that Metroblogging has 658 friends – 8 more to go till we get to jump up and down and blast some Slayer in celebration – won’t you be our friend?) [Thanks Sanjay Shah & Xeni!]

2 thoughts on “Indians vs. Jews”

  1. That Sanjay Shah is the funniest Indian I know. And I know some funny Indians.

    Okay, okay, he’s funny period – why must we categorize? Can’t we all just get a long and laugh at everyone? He’s an Indian penning a Texan animated show – that right there is funny already, right?

    Go see this – for those of us stuck in other MB cities who can’t make it.

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