LAPD Officer Arrested for Assault

Man, the boys in blue are batting 1.000 lately. That’s navy blue, not Dodger blue. Last week, Chief Bratton ordered the arrest of veteran officer Sean Joseph Meade after viewing a videotape that showed Meade assaulting a handcuffed 16-year-old suspect in a police holding room:

“The video in essence depicts what the preliminary investigation and I believe to have been an assault on the juvenile that was totally unnecessary and was not in any color of law justified,” Bratton said. “Based on what I and my command staff witnessed on the video, we felt the behavior was nothing that we as a department can tolerate or condone.”

Meade was booked on suspicion of assault under the color of authority, which is an interesting infraction that I’ve never heard of. Also interesting is that the assault was caught by a hidden camera installed for another purpose and that officers didn’t know about. Not a bad idea. If the LAPD is really going to install cameras all over the city that they can monitor remotely, maybe they should also be installed throughout local police stations?