Add the LAFD to Your Gift List

In the comments of one of Tammara’s recent posts, frequent commenter and LAFD Public Service Officer Brian Humphrey illuminated the difficult conditions under which the LAFD Public Service Office gets to do it’s work. So, if you’re looking to prove to Santa that you’re not such a selfish bastard afterall, consider helping them, or your local Fire Station, with a little time or money via the Adopt-a-Fire-Station program. The LAFD Public Service Office also has a wish list of things that you can buy on their behalf if you’re so inclined, and if you’ve got design skills they are also looking for somebody to help them update the banner on their homepage. Get crackin’, Grinches!

7 thoughts on “Add the LAFD to Your Gift List”

  1. Maybe if they spent less time taking group trips to the grocery store on the taxpayer dollar, they could spend the time to learn how to make their own freakin’ banner.

  2. Mike, you DO realize they aren’t doing shopping for their homes right? I don’t know how LAFD does it, but my department did 10 hr day shifts and 14 hr overnights. We’d shop at the start of our day shift AFTER our in ouse chorse and be all set through the two days and four nights.

    Whatever…sure hope you and yours don’t actually need fire or rescue services since you seem to think they are nothing more than a waste of your tax dollars.

    People who complain about the firefighters sitting around playing cards or out shopping, I always wonder if they’d prefer if they were working…you do realize that them working means people are losing homes, or worse, their lives?

    Heck, I wish they all had time to go to the mall and do their xmas shopping instead of having to put out fires or run medical calls or rescue calls.


    Anyway, thanks for the link, I sent off a book for them.


  3. You missed the entire point, Regina, and made mine. I said that they should be learning to do something (for example fix their website) instead of goofing off. And they can afford to buy their own books. Why not buy a book for someone that can’t afford it?

  4. Mike, you need to learn before you speak. The FF you see at the supermarket are shopping for the meals they eat while on-duty at the station. These people work 24 hour shifts without meal breaks like the rest of us. And the reason they go in the truck as a big group is because at any moment they might drop what they are doing and come save you from some disaster. Do you answer your work phone during your lunch break?

    The street-level police officers and firefighters of this city bust their chops for us every darn day; holidays, weekends, kids’ birthdays, whatever. The last thing any of should be doing is bad-mouthing them for shopping for their dinner.

  5. A different Mike,

    I know many firefighters. I know their schedule. I am VERY well educated on what they do. Most people don’t get a PAID shopping break. Buy your damn groceries before you go to work.

    As to them working holidays (poor babies), if they don’t like it, there’s hundreds of people who will gladly take their overpaid job. By the way, it’s not even in the top ten most dangerous jobs.

  6. I’m shocked by all the hostility here, especially considering how our very lives can be in the hands of both police and firefighters – And don’t tell me none of you have ever run personal errands on the clock. (not that getting food to eat at the station on your shift counts as a personal errand to me)

    Me, I just bake our neighborhood guys a couple of cakes every year and leave them at the station.

    I should probably do more.

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