99 cent show turns five bucks this year

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/12/99Pageant-thumb.jpgTechnically, Markland beat me to my nowannual pimpage of Ken Roht’s fabu “99 cent show” this year, but since the plug got buried in a laundry list of (albeit a good one) of holiday shows and since b.la reader Justin Jorgensen let us know that even Holiday Meister Charles Phoenix gave it a rave and since there’s only one more weekend to catch it, I thought it deserved its own plug.

This year’s iteration–the fifth all-original musical extravaganza in the series–is especially lush and charming. It’s true to its title (Pageant of the 4 Seasons) in that it feels like more of a pastiche than years past. It’s also especially lush musically–the vocal arrangements are nothing short of extraordinary, and a little darker in parts. And of course, the costumes and props, all fashioned from items found on the 99-Cent Only chain’s shelves, are as dazzling as ever. (Nice job on those ‘flowers’, Justin!)

Oh, and speaking of nice jobs–I did Mr. Cutey-face graphic this year, once again. (I told you I was shameless…)

Pageant of the 4 Seasons, A 99-Cent Only Modern Something
Written, directed & choreographed by Ken Roht
Through Dec 17 at the Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly at Alvarado
Tix, times and other details on the Orphean Circus website

2 thoughts on “99 cent show turns five bucks this year”

  1. I just saw this on sunday.
    Steven Arnold meets Cockettes.
    Visually one of the most stunning things I have seen in awhile.

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