What You Say!!

This week a lot of opinions were thrown around, so much so that I can’t limit this to only the top five. So here are the 8 posts from this week with the most active comment threads.

  • Is Tony Pierce notable? – Markland talks about the controversy surrounding Wikipedia potentially deleting the article on Tony Pierce because he’s not notable enough for some people. Lots of discussion about what makes someone notable. Votes were tallied yesterday and the article was deleted. Sorry Tony.
  • What Neighborhood Is My New Apartment In? – Jillian just moved and no one can figure out what part of town she’s now in since it’s one of those in between areas. Lots of talk about what neighborhood is what.
  • Unwarranted Motorcycle Hate – heathervescent chimes in on an article with a very serious bent. Seems others have strong feelings about motorcycles as well.
  • Q&A: Winging It With The Bird Man – Will Campbell interviews those hangy bird things, you know, the ones that people either love or hate. Comments filled with both.
  • Seeking Hip, Edgy Lofters – Before finding the ambiguously neighborhooded location mentioned above, Jillian was seeking some advice and got plenty of it.
  • I HATE YOU TIME WARNER – heathervescent continues the endless displeasure with local cable / utilities. Surprise, surprise, other people agree.
  • Crime, Cops, Guns and Trust – Is crime up or down? And how does that relate to neighboring cities? And why do folks in LA have less rights than those in OC? Lots of opinions in the comments on this one originally by me.
  • The Cahuenga Pass Steamboat? – Markland wants to know the history of this building and the comments are packed with info.