An Eighteenth Century Christmas

I apologize, everyone – I have the worst case of writer’s block this weekend. I think it has to do with killing too many brain cells at my company party on Friday. But I was surfing the events calendars to see what unique events may be happening in Los Angeles this week, and found a couple that are beyond retro, well into historical:

  • Handel’s Messiah (written in 1742) will be performed – and sung along to – at the Disney Concert Hall, tomorrow and next week. Apparently, this is a Los Angeles tradition. My family tradition is to listen to the Messiah every year at Christmas, but singing along to it? Has anyone been to this, and what is it like?
  • The Lady Washington, a replica of a tall ship built in 1798, is at Marina del Rey this week, at the Fisherman’s Village. It promises to teach about navigation and sailing in the 18th century. This is something I definitely want to try to get to, because how often do we see tall ships in Los Angeles?

    Celebrating the holidays in our more commercialized 20th century style does get old after a while. Maybe a visit to the eighteenth century in the next few days will be a nice break.

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    1. I’ve been to a couple of sing-a-long Messiahs. It’s a helluva good time, especially if you’ve listened to it for years! The vibe in the concert hall will be amazing.

    2. I did it once, ten years ago. You don’t have to sing along, but it’s fun to do so. They usually sell scores in the lobby if you don’t have one of your own. The audience sits by choral section (so it’s not so much a good date, unless you’re (a) gay, (b) one partner is a female tenor, (c) one partner is a countertenor [male alto], (d) one partner doesn’t sing.

      Of course, you can always just sit with the sopranos (of the choral, not mafia variety) and sing the melody.

      And yeah, it’s a lot of fun (assuming that you enjoy singing. If not, then it will be not so much fun).

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