Petra Haden and Pals, Gift-Slingin’ at Sugarbutterbex, and More

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Petra Haden (That Dog, Afoostic Fighters, solo), Lisa Papineau (Air, Big Sur, solo), and Francoise Blound Blound appear with Crooked Cowboy & the Freshwater Indians Monday for free at Mr. T’s Bowl; Spindrift gets drifty with space rockers Tsk Tsk and Seattle boot-gazers Dead Meadow on Saturday; and Sugarbutterbex going beyond pimping your bike into the ever-popular DIY crafter holiday faire field. More info after le jump.

Petra Haden, Lisa Papineau and Guests With Crooked Cowboy & Freshwater Indians
Mr. T’s Bowl‘s gotten short shrift in the eastside rockers community since the venerable and beloved Mr. T himself passed away and his son took over the establishment. But now with Gus Hudson (Flipside Magazine, the G-Loop tip list and an early Beck producer) booking shows, beloved soundman Arlo manning the booth, and Highland Park producer/composer Crooked Cowboy booking his extraordinary pals for a month of Monday night residencies throughout December, it looks like Mr. T’s might be enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Plus, even Falling James of the LA Weekly gave the place a shout-out in LA Weekly’s Best Of issue. This coming Monday the 11th features That Dog bandmate, coverer of The Who albums and collaborator with freakin’ everyone Petra Haden, along with Lisa Papineau (Air, Big Sur), Francoise Blound Blound, and Crooked Cowboy himself, plus the Freshwater Indians–who include bandmates from outfits like Totally Radd!! and Captain Ahab. Definitely a night that won’t ever be duplicated again. If you’ve never been to Mr. T’s, you’ll love its amazingly cozy aesthetic of punk rock luv and Eastside dive-wino. It’s hard to see from the street; look for the BOWL sign hidden in the sidewalk trees’ foliage overhead, and park in the back.
Show starts at 10:30pm; 6521 ¬Ω Figueroa, Highland Park. (323) 256-7561.

Even The Name Sounds Tasty
Saturday the 9th I’ll be checking out the bits and bobs for sale at sugarbutterbex, an adorable crafter’s paradise and DIY outpost in Highland Park. They offer regular classes entitled “Pimp My Bike,” “Ode to Rauschenberg,” “Recycled Journals,” and “Deconstruct Reconstruct,” as well as some basics like simple sewing classes and collaging. But this Saturday they’ll be offering art and crafts from lotus-flower necklaces to Polaroid transfers and vintage Italian tile mosaics. Plus there’ll be music, yummies, craft demos, and comedian Steve Silverman’s slideshow.
Noon to 8pm, 5110 York Blvd., 90042. (323) 255-0021.

One Upon A Time In The West

So, yeah, ever since my old newspaper did a cover story on these guys, written by uber-talented Shana Ting Lipton, I’ve been a nutjob slobbering fan of Spindrift. Are they crazy? Yes. And that, plus a slew of talent, is what makes ’em so dang good. The Troub’s a good place to see them ‘cuz of the fantastic sound. They play with locals Tsk Tsk–moody, spacey growl-rock–and Seattle shiver-country-rockers Dead Meadow, who channel the Jesus and Mary Chain as much as Gram Parsons. Tsk Tsk start things out at 8:30pm. 9081 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo., 90069.
Photo by Aaron Farley

…and as always, say hi if you see me at any of these! Little orange-haired girl.

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