LA’s Latino bloggers on books, huevos rancheros and home remedies

Back when I first started contributing to about a year and half ago, I lamented the fact that I couldn’t find too many blogs written by LA-based Latinos focusing on Latino themes.

Thankfully, some great blogs have popped up since then. Below are some of the ones I enjoy, feel free to suggest others.

La Bloga is a group blog named “Best Blog 2006” by Tu Ciudad magazine by Rudy G, Manuel Ramos, Michael Sedano, Daniel Olivas and Gina Ruiz. The focus is predominantly on Chicana/o and Latina/o literature and writers, but the La Bloga team also include works of fiction, versions of classic Mesoamerican legends, and intelligent commentary about pertinent issues such as immigration and education. The best part about La Bloga is the consistency of posts (each contributor posts once per week) and the reviews of recently published works of fiction or poetry. However, I often feel bad reading La Bloga because all the reading I do is limited to journal articles and books for class. Meh.

Chanfles! is written by the anonymous Chavo who mouths off on everything from assimilated huevos rancheros to the stupidity of multiple satellite dishes attached to roofs and in yards in his Lincoln Heights neighborhoods. El Chavo is hilarious and his photos let you explore the oddities of Lincoln Heights from your home or office.

Son Mis Locuras is written by a junior high school teacher turned newspaper reporter turned “superhero attorney.” Laura Genao details some of the rather interesting lawn and door decorations in East LA neighborhoods and some Latino home remedies. VapoRub anyone?

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  1. Thanks for the props! But I think chanfles is more like a mild chuckle, or a mini-carcajada, but never hilarious. And that’s a promise I can keep! ;)

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