High-end Donuts

Only in Beverly Hills would you find designer donuts. And that’s exactly what Frittelli’s is all about. Take a peek:

They are as crispy and yummy as they look. With too many yummy flavors like Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar and Blackberry Jelly Filled you’ll be tempted to take home a dozen. But at a buck a donut, you might think twice before eating them all yourself.

Now, who wants to get a donut with me?

* Video by Superviva Susie!

2 thoughts on “High-end Donuts”

  1. If I hadn’t stopped by Tang’s Donuts (Sunset & Fountain) last night I would totally go with you. I devoured two donuts in about thirty seconds.

  2. The christmas tree doughnuts are the best. And 3 dollars. But most of their doughnuts are relatively cheap anyways. During the weekends in the morning they usually don’t put up the signs so if it’s your first time try to go during the weekday when they actually label the doughnuts! (Or maybe they don’t do that at 8am when i get there…)

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