Free This Film is Not Yet Rated screening in LA TONIGHT!


Cory Doctorow is introducing Kirby Dick at USC tonight for a free screening of This Film is Not Yet Rated Sponsored by the USC Free Culture Club. Cory writes:

“This Film…” was the best documentary I saw this year. It delves into the shadowy world of the MPAA’s rating system and the way that it forms a nearly invisible but all-encompassing censorship regime that punishes indie filmmakers far more than the major studios, who run it. The censor board is set up like a star chamber, the members, criteria, and appeals process shrouded in secrecy (Dick punctures the veil by hiring a charming private eye to uncover and reveal the hidden identities of the censors). The MPAA ratings process has been called “Jack Valenti’s other mistake” — apart from seeking wildly expanded copyright, that is.

That’s tonight, Thursday, November 30, 2006, 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles: University Park Campus, George Lucas Instructional Building, 108. More details can be found here.