Billboard Blight

There was a very interesting op/ed column in the LA Times today about billboards. Written by Kevin E. Fry of Scenic America about the City of LA’s settlement with Regency Outdoor Advertising to “upgrade” their current signs, many with those annoying screens (that I’ve also whinged about) without any recognition that the up-til-now illegal signs are probably going to be given amnesty and allowed to stay.

From the LATimes … “We know the cost of litigating for year after year — for a lot of communities the blight stays up,” Garcetti said.

So there you have it, the big business can just keep suing the city and eventually they’ll capitulate.

(For the record, I took that picture about two years ago of a billboard that was left to fade and peel off. I drove by it this morning and it has FINALLY been replaced with a PSA for St. Jude’s. Tell me why that billboard is still there if they can’t fill it with a paying customer more than once every three years?)

One thought on “Billboard Blight”

  1. What I noticed is that after this regulation was approved back in 2002, the signs started acquiring all those little numbers, which I think has been an effort to regularize illegal signs. I wonder how many “illegal” signs are even left.

    And don’t forget, it was Regency Outdoor whose billboards suddenly had lots of trees in front of them die.

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