Red Flag Day in effect!!!

Anastasia Mann, President of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, alerts me that:

Any hillside streets marked for Red Flag Day parking restrictions will have cars towed today. This is the FIRST day that the Red Flag (wind related) warnings are in effect for the CITY of Los Angeles.

Prior to towing, LAFD (the Fire Dept) will attempt to locate vehicle owners/drivers. However they do not have to do this to tow the vehicle.

In short, this means that the combination of Santa Ana winds and dry atmosphere make us at higher risk for fires, and moving cars from the Red Flag zones will allow fire crews easier access in the case of trouble.

More info:

CERT Red Flag Teams info

LAFD training info on Red Flag parking restrictions

One thought on “Red Flag Day in effect!!!”

  1. This is the worst, most infuriating idea LA’s government has ever come up with. Towing cars from in front of people’s homes because there *might* be a fire is idiotic and downright dangerous:
    1) How do we evacuate if there is a fire and we don’t have our car?
    2) Many residents in the hills are elderly and have nowhere to park their car but on the street in front of their house. The Red Flag day program endangers them.
    3) Homeowners with no other parking are literally evicted from their homes with little notice solely because it’s windy.

    This idiocy must be stopped. The people who planned this should be removed from office immediately.

    If the city wants to implement a program such as this, they must provide alternate parking and transportation for affected residents, not a brute-force method of removing their cars from their homes then forcing them to pay $100+ fines to get their cars back.

    When will the city officials realize they are here to HELP the residents of LA, not penalize them for living here?

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