More Weird Fun-ness

So I’ve got a buncha new cool weird things I somehow have to do all in the next few days. If you wanna read more about it, there’s discussions of walking cabbages, gonzo photographs, Hot for Chocolate, creepy country, and Live Nude Brains behind the jump. woo wee!

Han Bing Walks His Cabbage
This performance artist has an art opening at Bamboo Lane Gallery on the 2nd, but what you should really catch is him actually walking his cabbage (yes, it’s on a leash, and yes, it’s a cabbage) at 4pm today at Griffith Observatory, and 8pm tonight at the Standard Downtown. Thursday at noon he’ll be doing it at the Getty. The cabbage is kind of the quintessential comfort food for the peasant class in rural China, and by walking it like a beloved pet he shows a love for the softer, slower, sweeter side of life. It’s super cute. I’m not sure quite what to expect at the opening, but it should be fun, and pretty (I’m sold–I’m such a sucker for aesthetics). The gallery is here. More info about Han Bing is here.

Handsome Family Tonight at El Cid
Ever since my friend Hippy Steve made me a cd of alt-spooky-country featuring the Handsome Family‘s weird, moody and Flannery O’Connor-invoking narratives-as-songs, I’ve been a fan of this husband-and-wife team. It’s the dark, grimy, gothic and complex side of alt-country. El Cid is here.

Betalevel’s Live Nude Brain & Fight With Words
So after having oodles of fun at Betalevel‘s last event, I’m excited to check out this one. Two contestants draw words from a hat: Perhaps one gets “puppy” and one gets “mountain.” Perhaps one gets “sky” and one gets “facelift.” Perhaps one gets “sandwich” and one gets “leg.” Right? And then they each have to fight for their word. Argue for its merits over their competitor’s. And with the cocktails flowing for a full half hour before the fighting begins, this is like drunken-master-style debate club. WWF for smarty-pantses. And in breaks between smackdowns, there will be something I’ve never heard of but that touches on two themes I love deeply: puppets and striptease. A striptease puppet show sounds vaguely disturbing, so this should be good. Directions and info here. betalevel.jpg

Hunter S. Thompson’s Photos!!! OMFG!
I’m such a slobbering, lovelorn spaz for Hunter S. Thompson. M+B Fine Art will be showing a series of his photos, and the opening’s on the 2nd at 6pm. Oy! So much to do! No clue how I’m gonna make it to all this stuff.

…and later that same night, punk rock.
LA/Cleveland legends Nudist Priest blew everything out of the water with their punk covers of Judas Priest songs…in the buff. John Ramirez of N.P.’s got a new band now, Hot for Chocolate, and while I have no idea what to expect, it will kick hella mad ass. They play with Atomic Bitchwax, another bunch of LA punk-metal stalwarts (ex-Godspeed & Monster Magnet). Should be fun to transition from the genteel art vibe earlier in the evening to this snarly, gnarly show at The Scene, whose booking has steadily been getting more and more bitchen’ since first Calixto from Juvee took it over, and now Arbiter of Taste and I See That Dude Everywhere Allen is at the helm. And Monday they host Pearls and Brass–who were just MADE for a tiny, immediate venue like The Scene.

As always, if you see a little orange-haired girl (now with dorky big furry hat due to weather considerations), say hi, okay? Okay!