LA’s Third Fourth Gift : Motion Pictures

Car bomb exploding

Los Angeles, which contains the faux-city Hollywood, has been the center of the motion picture industry since 1910 when D.W. Griffith moved to a lot in Downtown. Oddly enough, Hollywood currently films a huge number of productions in Downtown LA, many of which are set in New York and even Iraq, like the photo above. Although much of the industry is no longer located in Hollywood proper, the Hollywoodland sign is a world famous symbol of the industry.

Our country has exported her culture throughout the world through moving images on film. Movies have given untold millions of people an insight into cultures they otherwise would have never experienced. Every year there are scores of films from Hollywood that are total crap, but the few that are great make up for them.

I love watching movies, and have a fairly large collection of DVDs that I enjoy watching when I have some down time. I am thankful that we’ve collectively created and distributed this gift of motion pictures to the world.

UPDATE Oops… I meant 4th gift!

6 thoughts on “LA’s Third Fourth Gift : Motion Pictures”

  1. yea the movie industry.
    Say what you want about runaway production but those places that offer incentive will soon tire of their streets and sidewalks being taken over by production companies disrupting their buisnesses and home life.
    Our PUBLIC streets are not sound-stages or back-lots, keep film production on your studio compounds.
    Hire more union employees to build your scene and stay off my street!
    my block is filmed on average once a month which means noise, no parking and the jerks who OWN the street (while they shoot) as they like to think.
    Try and complain to Filmla about excessive permitting and you will be met with ” be glad they choose to shoot in Los Angeles”

    I like a good movie but take it back to the studio.

  2. Dear —

    Everytime I read your blog, I think, “F**K, I NEED TO GET HOME, NOW!” You see, I moved away for 1 year to volunteer. One whole year missed of beaches, pregnant celebrity sightings at my gynecologist, hopes that one day I too will be able to punch out Jared Leto’s eyeliner wearing ass, and highways with more than 2 lanes….

    So, keep it up with the list of LA’s gifts to the world.

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