Rocking Tonight at The Echo

So tonight I’m heading over to The Echo to see The Minor Canon play at 9pm. There was a band in LA about five, six years ago called Athalia that put out one or two brilliant, heartbreakingly beautiful ep’s and then vanished; but the vocalist, Paul Larson, has been in all sorts of great outfits from the brilliantly beautiful and moody Athalia to emo-core rockers Strictly Ballroom, and he’s collaborated with Dntel (Jimmy Tamborello, aka The Other Half Of The Postal Service That’s Not Ben Gibbard), Azure Ray and the Beachwood Sparks. I’m really thrilled to see them play because I’ve been unable to track down any info on Athalia for so excruciatingly long. The Minor Canon is a little more blues-rock oriented than Athalia’s chiming and layered orchestrations, but just as great. Maybe I’ll see y’all there? I’ll be the little orange-haired girl. Sweet.

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