MAKE Magazine Issue #8 Launch Party @ Machine Project

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In case you’ve been living under a mass manufactured rock that doesn’t come with a parts list, schematics or end user removable fasteners, and haven’t heard of MAKE Magazine, it is the coolest thing to hit the newsstands since 2600, Popular Science and Jane’s (ok, so Janes is more of a collection of books, but they’re still periodically released). Dorkbot Socal and Machine Project are hosting a launch party for issue #8 (which just came in the mail last week, and rocks) this Saturday at 5:30pm. Now just to confuse you, the website says that the event is happening on Saturday the 3rd, but this Saturday is actually the 2nd. Simon Penny and Mr. Jalopy will be speaking. There are rumors of free beer and pretzels.

Update: Garnet has updated the page with the correct date, it is still on Saturday, which is the 2nd.

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