L.A.’s Third Gift to the World: Food, Glorious Food (that makes you think of home)

Yes, yes.

Except for some famine/pestilence-ridden places in the world, food is everywhere people live. But L.A.’s third gift to the world is two-fold: food that’s fresh and food that makes you think of home… where ever home may be.

It’s when I travel that I am reminded of how lucky we are to live in L.A… Where the freshest of produce is grown locally, if not in Southern California, then at most a few hours away by truck. Where the freshest of seafood is plucked right out of the ocean next to us. Where the freshest of all poultry and livestock are slaugh… you get the point.

Anyway, it’s when I travel that I realize that salads aren’t quite as fresh. That the variety of fruits and vegetables aren’t quite as plentiful, and that fresh sushi isn’t available in some landlocked states (not that I’d want necessarily want it there).

So there’s part one of L.A.’s gift of food, but part two comes from the variety of different types of cuisine you can get here. Chalk it up to the different ethnic enclaves in L.A.: everything from K-Town, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Thai Town, out to Little Saigon (shout out to the OC on this one!). Combine that with the “melting pot” aspect of all the diversity of L.A. for fusion foods galore. Kosher Chinese? Sure! No matter where you’re from, you’re sure to find food that reminds you of home somewhere in L.A. (Even this Taiwanese-American gal can find food “My Way” that takes me to straight to Taipei in under $20.).

Are you vegan? Only eat raw foods? On a crazy celebrity diet? Only eat deep fried foods? No time to cook? As a city, Los Angeles is always pushing the envelope of cuisine.

baconwrappeddog.jpgSit-down dining not your thing? L.A.’s bonus gift to the world comes in the form of food in a cart: taco trucks (or roach coaches) and a nice bacon-wrapped dog after a Lakers game outside of the Staples Center.

And if you’re an L.A. native, then how lucky are you to have this smorgasbord as your own?

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4 thoughts on “L.A.’s Third Gift to the World: Food, Glorious Food (that makes you think of home)”

  1. Juliano’s? C’mon, this is LA, there’s more than one raw food restaurant. For those of us who can’t bear to go west of La Brea, there’s Cru in Silverlake, on Griffith Park Blvd @ Micheltorena.

    Yes, I’m pimping it, because I can WALK there and the new chef, Rachel Carr, blows my mind!!! It’s so freakin’ delicious! I’m not even a raw food freak, and I eat here as often as possible. Please eat there so it stays open and I don’t have to buy fresh produce for One every day….

  2. Pimky, obviously I couldn’t link to every good place (raw or otherwise) in L.A. I just wanted to link to a sampling of places. I’m sure if we wanted to, we could come up with lists of restaurants of every kind.

  3. Yeah – the food here is wonderful. New York may have a better “foodie reputation”, but LA has a far more diverse offering… and a whole lot more real good food that will cost less than a car payment for a nice dinner and drinks out. Of course, it is due to LA being a “city of enclaves” – all the “Little ______” neighborhoods all over this huge county (yes, Los Angeles COUNTY is as rightfully referred to as “LA” as simply the city – but since I live in LA, and what’s more, Downtown, I am a little provincial here) – well, these Little Tokyo, Little Ethiopia, Little Armenia (sorry Glendale, it’s near Sunset & Normandie), Little India (in Artesia) – all are a huge reason we have such amazing food choices here.

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