LAFD $2.7 Million settlement up for vote again today

A few days ago we were talking about which City Council members voted in favor of the $2.7 Million LAFD settlement. 11 of the 15 members voted for it, 3 members were absent and the lone voice of reason voting against it was Councilman Dennis Zine. As we know the Mayor followed that up with a veto. However, prior to the veto but after the initial decision the discussion was still in play – it seems the photos of Tennie Pierce pulling similar pranks on other firefighters were not seen at the initial vote, but once they did the City Council decided to reconsider. Council members Dennis Zine and Bill Rosendahl (who had originally voted in favor of the settlement) brought the topic back up and asked for a new vote. This vote was a little more split, 6 for, 6 against, and 3 absent. I don’t have the names of who voted for and against it this time (if anyone does please send them to me and I’ll update this post), but 6 against is certainly better than 1 against. Unfortunately they Council needed 10 against to override the earlier decision which is when it moved on to the Mayors office. Well today the Council is voting again, this time however it’s if they want to override Mayor Villaraigosa’s Veto. They would need 10 votes in favor of this in order to do that and with 6 members already voting against it in the second round that doesn’t seem likely.

In my earlier post the comments were filled with people asking questions, and I’d like to extend those a little further. I’d like to offer any of the Council members who voted in favor of this both time, or who voted for it initially and then against it at the reconsideration to explain those decisions and what went into them. The comments are open – go for it.

2 thoughts on “LAFD $2.7 Million settlement up for vote again today”

  1. I’m seeing this too late in the day to call over there and raise some hell, but am I the only one bugged that our elected officials don’t even feel pressured to SHOW UP most of the time???

  2. My uneducated opinion is that whatever was shown to the LA Attorneys in the room had to be pretty damn bad to get them to propose a settlement of that size. The cost of further proceedings, or the chances of a higher cost to the city get you to this point.

    No lawyer just offers a boatload of cash for fun – that much I can say with certainty.

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