When Treasures Turn To Trash

One result of my boyfriend and I moving in together a year and a half ago is that my house has gotten a massive make-over. Instead of the place reflecting me… it now reflects ‘us’. Some of the changes have been easy, even exciting. But one of the most difficult has been getting rid of all my living room furniture to make way for the cool stuff we actually designed together to fit the new colors of the room. My ‘shabby chic’ girly couches just didn’t fit anymore, (or even fit us when we snuggled down for an in-house movie). Even though they are super-comfy, I suspected they were history. Besides, everytime I talked about keeping them and maybe just recovering them with a new color, he rolled his eyes and insisted they had to go. He hated sinking into that plethora of fluffy down and losing the remote in all the pillows.
Craigslist was a godsend, but some of the stuff just begged to be heaved. But what to do with all those massive items? Enter ‘Bulky Item Pick-Up”, a service that Los Angeles Santitation Dept provides. Just call (800) 773-2489 7:30 to 4:45 and they send a truck in a couple of days and scoop all that big stuff up. It was fast, easy and best of all… FREE! And they pick up just about anything that’s too large to fit into a trashcan.

7 thoughts on “When Treasures Turn To Trash”

  1. 311 is like magic. You can call it for anything.

    Were you lucky enough to see them actually pick it up? They have a truck that eats couches. It’s so freaking awesome. Of course, they always manage to come at about 6:00am and do it right in front of our bedroom window.

  2. They need to come to my neighborhood (near Runyan Canyon in Hollywood) and just drive around…I’m so sick of seeing everyones old couches and furniture littering the sidewalks when I’m walking my dog. Yuck!

  3. Hey Aaron, just call them and they’ll pick up those abandoned couches, et al that litter the place. I’ve often thought of calling when I see that ever present stained couch sitting on the roadside for weeks at a time….. it’s a great gift to your neighborhood!

  4. Remember this: Bulky Item pick up is scheduled for the day your trach gets picked up in the City of LA. And, know that technically, multi-family units that pay for private trash hauling (by the use of dumpsters) do not pay into that fund for collection (except for a few in a pilot program). Most of the Bulky Items picked up are called in by do-gooders who see something that is an eyesore in the neighborhood. Too bad more people don’t take responsibility for their trash. Maybe they think because it’s large, it doesn’t count as littering… but it does and they can be fined. Actually, the fine is larger than for littering; it’s a fine for illegal dumping. There is acutally a special task force that investigates these culprits, but that goes into a whole other comment section for another post!

  5. If the couches were still in good condition, why not donate to a charity? I thought places like Goodwill would come and pick them up.

  6. Well…. the couches actually got craiglisted and sold…. but other stuff was just too ratty. Even for goodwill. And we heaved stuff from the garage too. All in all it was a good clean-out and truthfully, I forgot Goodwill picked up! Thanks for the reminder.

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