What we’re talking about – Marijuana Laws

Tammara’s earlier post about LA’s relaxed Marijuana Laws sparked quite a bit of discussion on our internal mailing list. We realized that we were having all the fun and should let you folks chime in as well. Here’s some of our thoughts, what are yours?

Ben pointed out that he knows a guy who knows a guy who is a medical marijuana user:

“there is really no reason for him to have said medical marijuana but he paid a guy some money and told him he had chronic back pain. not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but still, it’s worth noting.”

Wil followed up by asking:

“Doesn’t that actually undermine the legitimate claims that AIDS sufferers or cancer patients have for the use of medical marijuana?

I don’t use the marijuana (or anything else) but I think drug laws are a stupid pile of shit that cause more crime than they prevent, so I welcomed the passage of the medical marijuana laws. But isn’t it going to give prohibitionists an opportunity to shut down medical marijuana clinics if they can go on some crusade and show that people without “legitimate” claims are buying the weed?”

Ben comes back pointing out that it’s not uncommon for medical marijuana users to then resell their legally purchased weed to those without the medical marijuana card. Ruth chimes in and agrees with Wil stating:

“When you go to a doctor complaining of migraines, does he make you PROVE you have them? No, he writes you a prescription.

Same is true for all manner of complaints – there is a prescription drug for EVERYTHING, and the pharmaceutical business wants to medicate you for plenty of minor things like toenail fungus, hair loss, alleged ED, heartburn, slow or fast digestion – and nobody bats an eye if you go and ask your doctor for a fistful of them. Nevermind the number of scripts for the rainbow of psych meds….

I’m not a doctor but I think pot is probably equal to or even less harmful than alcohol, which is legal too and nobody gives a crap if you drink a beer or a cocktail every single day.

If marijuana is legal, which I too voted for, then anyone should be able to go to a doctor and get a prescription – which is how it is. Nobody needs to “prove” anything. Besides that, whatever happened to Doctor-Patient Confidentiality?”

Like my cohorts here on blogging.la I’m of the opinion that most drug laws do nothing for society and actually make things worse. As a country we learned this during prohibition in the 20’s and it’s rather disappointing how short people’s memories are when it comes to legislation. Tell me, how much crime is caused by the black market surrounding alcohol today? Hello disconnect?

So, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “What we’re talking about – Marijuana Laws”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Ruth. I am a medical marijuana user, and I thank the good lord for it. Could I take something else for my chronic migraines? You bet, and I have. But marijuana does the trick better than a fistfull of pills without the scary side effects.

    Marijuana’s reputation is so skewed by misinformation, I feel so fortunate to live in SoCal where, if it isn’t legal, at least it’s not jail-worthy.

  2. oh my god.

    my mom gets MAD migraines, i so should so try to get her to smoke pot for them! that would be the funniest thing ever.

  3. If she doesn’t want to smoke it, most of the dispensaries have “edibles,” which range from candy to cookies to all manner of other things she might find more palatable.

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