L.A.’s Second Gift To The World: Relaxed Marijuana Laws

One of the things that makes living in Los Angeles (and California in general) so rich, is that we’re known around the planet for tolerance and openness to new ideas.
Los Angeles’s Second Gift to the World is embracing laws that make possessing and using small amounts of marijuana the lowest priority in law enforcement. Most people think it’s a huge waste of taxpayer money to arrest, prosecute and go after the plethora of people who use marijuana, so laws are now beginning to reflect that. It’s especially harsh and egregious if those people arrested are medical marijuana patients.

In the recent elections, Santa Monica joined West Hollywood in making investigations, citations, arrests, property seizures and prosecutions for private, adult marijuana use the lowest law enforcement priority. While Santa Monica and West Hollywood don’t cover all of Los Angeles, it’s a big start. Understanding and support in this area seems to reflect the general sentiment of the populace. Santa Monican’s passed the law with a 65% voter approval.

This goes hand in glove with the medical marijuana laws enacted in the state of California with the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996. Proposition 215 allows people who, with the guidance and approval of their doctors, use marijuana for pain relief and to relieve all kinds of ailments, especially those associated with Cancer and AIDS.