Sweatin’ Bullets (11/26/06): Here Comes Beetle Claus

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/11/beetlehearse-thumb.jpgEarlier, Heathervescent was wondering who would be driving the hearse in tonite’s parade – at right is the answer. Pic by me.

“Here Comes Santa Claus,” written by Gene Autry but turned into the greatest Christmas song of all time by Elvis Presley, was inspired by the Hollywood Christmas Parade. View from a Loft has the story, which also mentions this annual event was originally called “The Santa Claus Lane Parade.”

Andyeye is the new L.A. fashion blog from Andy of Here In Van Nuys promsiing to “find and feature the hidden and obscure creators and wearers of style in the Southland.”

Martini Republic adds City Taxes to the list of shakedowns Los Angeles perpetrates on its citizens, along with red light cameras and affordable housing taxes.

Recentering El Pueblo has a game of “Guess the Location” fit for LA City Nerd.

The National Park Service’s GPS animal tracking can emit a “mortality signal” for animals that don’t move after eight hours… unfortunately, one on a puma in Topanga Canyon went off – apparently the victim of patricide.

“The Digger” at Westwood Happenings is calling for a complete ban on hookahs in Westwood Village, citing public safety.

LA Frog has pics of a Christmas tree sculpture at the Edgemar Arts Complex made entirely of shopping carts.

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  1. Last i heard, they don’t think the daddy puma (p2) killed this mountain lion. They thinking it was another, unknown mountain lion. Whether it was hiding there for the several year study and never detected, or it somehow made its way down from the Simi hills or elsewhere, is unknown.

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