LAFD Settlement Take Two!

The flames are still burning on the $2.7 Million settlement and following veto, and here comes another. Looks like two days after Mayor Villaraigosa vetoed the last one, the City Council approved a not quite as shocking $350,000 payout to 54 year old Gary Mellinger who claims he was called “old” and I guess this hurt his feelings or something. Or maybe he lost his job or something, this AP story isn’t really clear. So yeah, I don’t know any facts or anything.

3 thoughts on “LAFD Settlement Take Two!”

  1. If I were paid for every time someone at work called me old, I would be rich. The young men and women at the newspaper have given me a nickname, Pops! And I happen to love it.

    I believe the case mentioned involved age discrimination, and it was probably cheaper to pay him off than fight it out in court.

  2. The thing that burns me about these kinds of cases is that the people who initiate the bad behavior aren’t really held responsible while taxpayers are! I have a friend who’s a public school teacher and uses his own money to buy chalk for his classroom because there’s not enough money for schools and we’re going to pay out several million for this claim? Puh-leeze!

  3. Hoot,

    I’m in total agreement with you.

    In the private sector, offending parties are held accountable for their actions, not the company. Unless, someone in management is aware of the problem, and does nothing to stop it, then the company can be sued.

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