Shootin’ Birdshot (11/22/06): Ice Cream Turkeys? by Lasagna Boy of an ice cream shop at the Fairfax Farmers Market selling turkeys. Huh? What? Has anyone here had an ice cream turkey?

TJ Sullivan points out that only 1.8% of Los Angeles area homes “are affordable for households making the median income of $56,200 a year,” making L.A. “the least affordable in the entire U.S.A.”

Is it just a coincidence that the Robert Kennedy assassination story, “Bobby”, is opening the same weekend construction of a new L.A. Unifed school began, on the site of the Ambassador Hotel, where the film takes place?

Hadley from LA Taco indulges in the California Institute of Abnormal Arts and brings us a review and pics from what may be our city’s quirkiest location.

Councilman John with Mayor Sam’s office brings news that an attorney with LA’s (arguably) top law firm has joined the battle against Prop R… albeit not for free. Donations being sought.

Regarding the judges decision not to serve a prison sentence on George Weller, the elderly man who killed ten people when he drove the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, Tony Pierce opined, “Santa Monica has just declared that if you’re old and white you can unmercifully kill nearly a dozen people, including children, and get away with murder.” While I agree with everything else, what does race have to do with it?

Here’s another reason to be thankful for LA City Nerd: he points out that you don’t need to feed your meter or observe street cleaning restrictions on Thursday OR Friday.

The local crimebloggers of 1947 Project get a write up in Rolling Stone alongside former Metblogger Steve Huff.

Speaking of crime, Stephen Blackmoore alerts us to a rash of shootings around L.A. that are ushering in the holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Shootin’ Birdshot (11/22/06): Ice Cream Turkeys?”

  1. While I agree with everything else, what does race have to do with it?

    Just guessing here, but probably that the justice system in our country has a long shameful history of giving whites far easier punishment than blacks or someone from a different race would receive.

  2. Evan, I can’t disagree with that as a whole, but how is that relevent in this case? Or everytime a light sentence is handed out to someone who’s white, should it be inferred that their race played a role? Have there been other incidents of murder or manslaughter by an elderly black man that this could be compared to?

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