I Hate My Parking Officer

cosample.jpgRuth666’s parking meter woes yesterday reminded me of my own recent issues with the City of Los Angeles parking department – better known as “The Ticket That Made Jillian Cry”. A month ago, I parked my car on the non-street-cleaning side of the street, in what I thought was a safe zone behind a handicapped spot. Hey, it was dark, and partially painted over, and I thought that the paint marked the end of the handicapped curb – not the beginning of the spot behind it.

So the next day, I woke up and found a ticket on my car. A $335 ticket. That is not a typo – that’s two ‘3’s and a ‘5’. That’s an awful lot of money to cough up. So I burst into tears, and then immediately went to the City parking citation office on Pico in Century City (in rush hour traffic) to contest it.

The next week, I received a courtesy letter saying that it would be two weeks before I received a judgement on the citation. After ten days, I monitored the mail obsessively. After five more, I called the Department. And now, over a month later, the contesting is still under investigation. Last time I called, I asked the lady, “but it’s been longer than two weeks! Shouldn’t I have an answer by now?”

She told me, “it doesn’t take two weeks. It can take much longer than that. There’s no timeframe for an investigation.”

Now, I’m kind of in limbo. I have no idea if I will have to pay the ticket or not, which tends to put a damper on holiday budgeting. But at least I have hope of not paying it. And at least I can pay it – I wonder what happens to people who get a $335 ticket and don’t have that money to pay?

3 thoughts on “I Hate My Parking Officer”

  1. This past year I contested a parking meter ticket, it took them a good 6 weeks for me to receive a nondescript envelope from the city parking bureau. Don’t hold your breath. In the end I won my case and had the ticket dismissed.

  2. About a year ago, I took a friend to LAX for her flight. She was going overseas for about 3 weeks to see some family and had presents for everybody. Needless to say, her luggage filled the back of my SUV.

    With all that luggage, I hopped out to give her a hand. I took exactly (because I recounted) two steps from my truck (from street to curb) to put the heaviest of the bags on a cart for her. The parking enforcement then walked over and placed a ticked on my front windshield. Didn’t hand it to me. No warning. I grabbed it and asked him what it for. “For leaving your vehicle unattended”. I told him maybe for half a second with my back to it. “Guess that was a half second too long eh, douchebag…”

    I asked for his badge number and he wrote down. I still have it.
    Officer Williams Badge No. 2FCKU2
    Pleasant huh?

    I still had to pay the ticket. My case is STILL being looked into. Even with his REAL badge number on the ticket, the attuide, and witnessness, there is no contest.

  3. I share your pain, having gotten a $240 ticket and almost towed along a 20 foot stretch of Pico that had no less than 3 different “zones” with different rules! Just be careful since the ticket cost doubles after a certain date (found this out the hard way, too.)

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