Upcoming Stuff’n’Things: Derby Dolls, Speakeasies, The Rapture on the Decks, and More

The Pernice Brothers’ brilliantly morose pop gems, this month’s Smart Gals Speakeasy gets all sutainable-like (arrive on two wheels for 2-for-1 admission!), ass-whooping chicks on wheels beat the crap out of each other at 15 mph, Trail of Dead’s record release party with The Rapture, Tom Morello at the…Hotel Cafe?…and more, behind the cut. And you thought the only thing to do these next few weeks was flop around in a tryptophan-induced haze. Ha! Wrong, my fat little friend!

Derby Dolls image courtesy Kittyfight Productions

The Rapture DJ’ing + Trail of Dead Record Release Party
Trail of Dead is one of the best things to come out of Texas since toast. Bombastic, high-concept art-rock done right is as rare as gold in both LA and Tejas, so these folks are real gems, and I’m salivating at the opportunity to drop my hard-earned money at Amoeba for this one. Plus DFA‘s export The Rapture will be DJ’ing, and anyone who’s spent any time on James Murphy‘s imprint–and who can get the entire sold-out sullen hipster crowd of the El Rey disco-dancing (at their show two years ago–I missed last night’s show, sob)–will definitely rock the dance floor. These guys’ record collections are to die for. I know, I know: it’s Tuesday, you whine. Go anyway. You can sleepwalk through work tomorrow–if you have to work at all. Hello?! It’s Thanksgiving, people. Work, schmerk.
Check Yo Ponytail at Safari Sam’s
Tues. Nov. 21, 9pm; free vodka between 10-11. Woo wee!
5214 Sunset Blvd., East Hollywood. $5 for 21+; $10 for 18-.

Pernice Brothers at Spaceland
Squeeeee! Really excited about this one. Coming out of Northampton, originally as the Scud Mountain Boys, brothers Joe and Bob (hereafter to be referred to as JoenBob) put together the Pernice Brothers outfit with a few really accomplished musician pals and turned out mournful, heartwrenchingly gorgeous alt-pop in the vein of Brian Wilson. Should be a really brilliant night with consummate pros close-up on the Spaceland stage.
Pernice Brothers with Elvis Perkins
1717 Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake.
21+. No clue as to the cost but it should be ten bucks or less.

Speakeasy at Mt. Hollywood Underground
The last Smart Gals Speakeasy of 2006 is titled Sustainable Los Angeles: What Can I Do Today for a Green L.A.? Smart Gals is an organization (not just for gals, mind you) that curates monthly speakeasies focusing on arts and letters in L.A. Plus they have cookies. Speakers include social and environmental activists who are making a real contribution to the future of the city: Colin Bogart of the Los Angeles Bike Coalition, Anna Cummins of Bring Your Own (awesome org, check ’em out), Jose Angel Orozco of The Coffee Cellar, James Rojas of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Katura Reynolds of Tree People. Ride your bike to the event and get two-for-one admission. Admission is seven bucks, but if you spring for their $10 artist-designed bookmark (a new one is created each month), it acts as your pass for their super-secret cocktails. Hey, I said it was a speakeasy: the password this month is “What can I do?” Seriously. There’ll also be live music and tasty coffee served.
Sun., Nov. 26, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Mt. Hollywood Underground: 4607 Prospect Avenue, Los Feliz
Admission: $7.00 (general), $5.00 (members); Bookmarks $10, purchased separately
Information and passwords: 323.302.2257 or www.smartgals.org

Axis of Justice Benefit at Hotel Cafe
Axis of Justice is the bitchen’ nonprofit org helmed by Tom Morello (ex-Rage Against the Machine, currently in Audioslave) and Serj Tankian (System of a Down). As much as I think SOAD’s lyrics are absolute nonsensical crap, the cause to which Tankian contributes his star power is pretty awesome. All proceeds will go to the Axis of Justice/Food Not Bombs program to provide food for the hungry and homeless in the Los Angeles area. This week’s special guests include Perry Farrell and Nuno Bettencourt, Alexi Murdoch and Low Stars (featuring Jude Christodal, Jeff Russo of Tonic, Dave Gibbs of Gigolo Aunts and Chris Seefriend).
Tues. Nov. 28, 10pm.
Hotel Cafe,1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood.

Derby Dolls Babydoll Brawl
The Dolls‘ two newbie teams in an exhibition bout, duking it out at their track in Little Tokyo. Hint: The VIP tix are cheaper this time, and you get a much shorter line for booze and actual bleachers to sit in. However, general admission tix are still good–just remember to get there early so you can stake out a good spot to stand while you watch the game. The Dolls themselves built a number of standing risers for people to watch the game from, so that short folks aren’t screwed. Which is nice for 5’1″ little me.
Babydoll Brawl
Sat. Dec 2, doors at 5 pm, game at 6:30 pm
Mitsuwa Plaza, 3rd floor
Admission $12 / $20 VIP
(Derby Dolls Website)

Derby Dolls image courtesy Kittyfight Productions