Nice revenue trick, City of LA

So I go to my mailbox yesterday and I’m greeted by a lovely letter from the City of Los Angeles, informing me that since I chose not to respond to the parking citation they allegedly left on my car (on Oct 18th), the $40 fine is now $80.

Swell, say I, except that I never got any damned parking ticket, and I ALWAYS over-feed meters to avoid just this type of occurrence.

So what’s the deal? I can only guess that either no ticket was ever issued or someone took the ticket off my car and I never saw it.

Had I found a ticket on my car I would have snapped a pic of the meter with time on it to submit as my defense – but since October 18th has come and gone I have no recourse but to pay the damned thing and just be pissed off.

I know the city is broke but this is re-goddamn-diculous.

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  1. I hear ya. At least you didnt get a ticket for not having a front license place on your car when you actually had one on at the time of the ticket. Lazy meter maid couldnt get out of their car and actually look at my front bumper. I think it was only $20 and I took a picture of it on my car so it was $10 but its entirely the principle not the money.

  2. Something similar happened to me, except that I received a notice in the mail that I had not paid my ticket for parking in a red zone downtown. I don’t know what the original fine for that is, but this notice was for $140!!
    “Funny” thing is, I’ve never parked in a red zone downtown…the only place I’ve ever parked is one of the garages. Secondly, I wasn’t downtown on the day of the ticket.

    So, I called the parking people and asked if they erroneously give tickets to people often and the lady said “yes” and told me to send in a copy of my car registration and we’d be able to resolve this. I did that, but a few days later I received another notice that they had reviewed my case and that I indeed needed to pay the $140. The problem is, I have no proof that I was not parked downtown on that day…it’s my word against theirs and they do have the correct license plate number/car description which it seems is all they need to find you guilty. Also, the date of these notices was nearly 4 months after the day of the ticket so I was no longer within the window to fight it.

    I don’t have the time to go around fighting this ticket anyway (which is what I bet they hope for when sending these incorrect tickets!), so I paid the $140 (and my check was cashed the day after I mailed it). Nearly three weeks later and I just got my car registration notice with the now increased $180ish parking ticket fine included in the total due. How long do you think it will take for me to fight with the DMV that I’ve already paid this ticket?!!!!

  3. I once returned to my car to discover a ticket on the windshield. Then I saw that while the ticket identified the car as a yellow Volkswagon, which mine was, the license plate number was completely different. I’m guessing that some numbskull also driving a yellow Volkswagon thought he was being clever by disposing his ticket on my car. I flicked it out the window and that was the last I heard of that. I do wonder about that numbskull though . . .

  4. I wouldn’t call it a revenue trick. I would call your council office and ask for help, though. There are ways to get these errors resolved.

    Also, know that processing and collections are not handled by the City, they contract out to a third party to handle all of that.

  5. Jill all you need to do is visit your nearest parking bureau and request a form(forgot the exact name of it) that shows the parking ticket was paid and take that to the dmv. They will immediately discount any liens you have on your registration. You have to realize that parking bureaus are run by local city governments and the dmv is part of the state so there is always a big lag in having your information updated between the two. Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands.

  6. I got ticketed once while I was at a paid-up meter in WeHo and the dumbass who issued the ticket claimed I was parked somewhere downtown!

    It took a lot of letter writing and a hearing, but I got it rescinded. What I really wanted, though, was for them to reprimand the idiot officer who issued the ticket and apologize to me.

    Guess you know how that part worked out…

  7. “At least you didnt get a ticket for not having a front license place on your car when you actually had one on at the time” Wow! I had the exact same experience a year ago or so on Cherokee just north of Selma Ave. What a POS city employee to have written that ticket!

    Heck, let me even badmouth the cop I talked to at the Wilcox station… I drove there immediately after receiving the ticket thinking I might be able to get one of the guys behind the counter to come outside and witness the license plate on my car. Just to have a little “witness ammo” for later. Sure the ticket was written a whole half-hour earlier which conceivably gave me enough time to affix the “missing” plate but… c’mon! But, no, the cop said it “wasn’t [his] department” or something weak and tired to that effect. So, as far as I’m concerned, that was two losers working for my dime within an hour of each other.

  8. Yeah….just got home after getting a $109 ticket for not having a front plate on my car. Had it in my car and showed it to the cop (someone backed into it and it came off). Tickets suck.

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