MacHomer: Now in its 10th Hilarious Year

blobfetch.jpgTen years ago, back when the Simpsons were only in Season Seven, I went to my first Fringe Festival in British Columbia. That year, the two plays that stood out the most in my memory were Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie’s “War of 1812”, and MacHomer. I have tried to explain the hilarity of both since – but when I get to the part about the Scottish play, done with Simpsons characters, as a one man show with still drawings, even I start to think I just dreamed the whole thing.

Well, MacHomer is coming here. This weekend. In Irvine. It’s the 10th anniversary tour. Ticket and event info are here. I cannot wait to see Rick Miller’s solo masterpiece again. Much as no one could have seen the Simpsons survive sixteen seasons, who would have thought that this would survive ten years?

By the way, the script is said to be “85% Shakespeare”. So for your $35, you’re getting an education, as well as seeing a unique dramatic event. Is this a doughnut I see before me?

3 thoughts on “MacHomer: Now in its 10th Hilarious Year”

  1. I saw MacHomer about 5 years ago in Irvine, entertaining stuff. The only bummer was that his voice gave out about 10 minutes before the end.

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