12 thoughts on “Michael Richards Wants To Be Mel Gibson”

  1. Man, oh, man…the way Kramer went off on those black guys. The viciousness of his comments is what’s sticking with me. I mean, a fork…where? Oh my Lord! But we’ve all said stupid stuff while drunk (was he? I hope to God he was…at least he could blame his tirade partially on that. And what did the black guys say to start this whole thing? Anyway, I’m ready to forgive Kramer once he sincerely apologizes on camera. Besides, not all these commenters were even born back when I was enjoying watching Michael Richards on the comedy show called Fridays, racing around the dirt with his toy trucks like an 8-year-old. Be forgiven, Michael, be healed of whatever is causing this hatred, and be blessed in Jesus’ holy Name.

  2. I was walking by a TV a few minutes ago, and CNN was covering the story. According to them, after the incident on Friday night, the club invited him back on Saturday to aplogize, and Richards accepted. They also invited back Friday night ticketholders, many of whom showed up. Richards took the stage Saturday night…and didn’t apologize.

  3. Seinfeld’s “Kramer” gets angry at audience, calls Black patrons “Niggers”

    Seinfeld’s Michael Richards gets angry at audience, calls Black patrons “Niggers”

  4. That above comment from “Michael Richards” needs to be deleted NOW. It’s a spam link to a white supremacist site. Stupid fucking worthless cracker morons.

  5. The discussion forum the spam links to is actually kind of funny. They can’t decide whether to support Richards for being anti-black or condemn him because he’s Jewish and Mel Gibson didn’t get away with HIS rant.

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