LAX report

I posted some tips the other day about Thanksgiving travel through LAX. I’m at LAX now and so far today, the crowds don’t look too terrible. (I expect they’ll get much worse later in the week.) The lines outside all the terminals for curbside check-in looked about the same as they usually do. However, security took a little longer than it normally does – usually on a Monday around 1 pm, I get through security at terminal 4 in about 10 minutes, but today it took about 15. There were wayyyy fewer business travelers and tons more leisure travelers, as expected on a holiday travel week, which probably accounted for the delay – lots of people traveling with kids == slower security lines.

That said, I must report that the celebrity sighting quotient is a little higher than usual – I saw Kristin Davis from Sex and the City as I was coming in, and there’s some famousish band sitting next to me (I’ll find out who as soon as their manager/handler/celeb wrangler leaves and I can google ’em). Not that tripping over celebrities in this town is anything unusual, but sitting next to them in the airport can be.

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  1. Ah, the shift from regulars to sunday travelers. What? We have to remove our shoes? What quart sized bag? 3oz? What are you talking about?

    And on the way to grandma’s house they can all have the same arguments the business set finished having a few months ago. As much as some of the regs are impenetrable and annoying, I truly feel sad for TSA types at this time of year.

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