Sweatin’ Bullets (11/18/06): Skip to the end for almost naked girls!

Photo by Jason Ryan

Nominations now open for the 2006 LA City Nerd Awards!

LAist’s Henry David has pics and coverage of the “Anti-Taser” protests at UCLA held Friday.

Down With Pants says you can get your own perverted, coked out Mr. Potato Head at Disney’s California Adventure.

Maybe they should call it the Blue Line? Andrew at Here In Vuys discovers that even porn stars ride the bus.

Congrats to Stephen Blackmoore’s LA Noir for surviving a year of blogging without becoming the victim subject of one of his entries.

The Clay Show isn’t “fond of Los Angeles” because it “has no traits of a big city, so I don’t trust it, and I don’t like what I can’t trust… Strip malls out number LA’s big buildings…” and, “There’s no way to get around in LA without a car,” among other reasons.

Its getting cold outside. Wanna see girls in bikinis? Check out aprilcartergrant’s pics from Ms. Bikini something or another.

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (11/18/06): Skip to the end for almost naked girls!”

  1. Love the Clay Show’s rundown of what’s wrong with LA. Yawn. I’d love to see an honest dissing of my hometown, which should really go something like this: “I didn’t grow up here, therefore, I don’t like it as much as my own home.”

    That’s a reason I could respect. 99% of the other commonly offered reasons – like all the ones offered in the linked post – revolve around judging LA because it isn’t the same as SF, NYC, etc. Well guess what, it isn’t the same as SF, NYC, etc. Big effing deal.

  2. Glad to see someone’s enjoying my pics of “Ms. Bikini something or another.” Angelenos can see it all in person at the Fitness Hollywood event whenever it rolls around… yearly? My impression was that they can use the patronage (for the prelims, at least, there were not many people in the audience beside family members, photographers, and a handful of pervs posing as photographers).

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