Hot Hands Healed Me

I’ve always been super athletic, anything that’s physical makes me pretty happy. So the last three weeks have been hell because my knee has been acting up and it’s driven me crazy with irritation! About once every six months or so it just gets stiff and starts aching to the point where it actually hurts to walk. I thought I had torn my meniscus and got it checked by a top orthopedic knee guy, but everything came out okay. He said I had a touch of arthritis (me?!) from being so athletic all my life and a weird thing called a ganglian cyst wrapped around the back of it. The only remedy is glucosomine/chondroitan, muscle strengthening excercises and ice.

Hmph!!! I am determined to find some alternatives to tame this baby. A friend who had blown out both her knees snowboarding got herself back together by doing Qi-Gong, a Chinese energy healing movement practice. She also recommended finding someone who practiced using medical qi-gong to heal. So this past week I found myself in the office of Master Tin-Jue Zhou. I was told by my friend to expect an unbelievable healing, but what happened blew my mind.
I went in and his nurse Julia listened to my ailments (he doesn’t speak a lot of English) while he looked at me and motioned for me to get on the table. He then proceeded to work his hands both on my body and above it…. and I swear to God this is true…. created intense heat on different parts of my body, especially my knee with his hands. And by heat I mean really hot, almost to the point of burning. After forty minutes of this, I got up and there was NO PAIN anymore in my knee. He said it would come back, though not as bad, and that my general Chi was low so to come in again… but I swear it has improved 80%. He was amazing!!!! And I’m convinced now that good Chi flow is pretty important to vibrant health. I also feel pretty great in general since then.
He’s in West LA. His name is pronounced Master “Joe” and his number is 310-478-1798. I’m on a quest now to do lots of different things to see what works best, so I’ll keep you posted on my progress here!