Skate Downtown

“Downtown on Ice” reminds me of a slinky drink that has Vodka and lime in it, but it’s actually the name of the ice skating rink that’s set-up for the holiday season downtown at Pershing Square. Starting today, you can get your inner Michelle Kwan on and glide around the ice for a mere six bucks. It’s kind of like the Rockefeller Center with sun. Ahhh LA.

One of my dearest friends Clark, who is more comfortable with skates on than shoes, helps run the place and if you’re really nice (or especially cute!) he’ll give you a twirl around the rink. He’s handsome, big and strong and is known for giving kids (and yes, fetching females) a fun spin so they feel like they can really skate. I love that feeling of zipping along, feeling the breeze on my face and realizing someone else is doing all the work!!!! Anyway, it’s open til’ January 15th from 12pm til 10 pm, and there’s usually free concerts on the weekends. You can go here for more details.

5 thoughts on “Skate Downtown”

  1. I love the concept and usually go down there a couple times a season, but last year the blades on the rental skates were in such crummy shape that skating was a complete drag (not to mention dangerous), and the staff didn’t seem to care. This was the experience of my party of four people with very different sizes of feet. We were finally able to get a file from one of the guys behind the counter and sharpened the blades ourselves, by which time it was almost the end of our skating period.

    I hope some effort is being made to improve the experience this year!

  2. Yeah…. it’s hard to get good rental skates, hopefully this year they will have upgraded. It is fun though!

  3. I have been meaning to check the schedule for this all week, and you did it for me! Thanks :) I have been skating here in L.A. since I was 9, and never got to skate on an outdoor pond like other kids in snowy places did. This is how I get to skate outside every winter without having to travel too far. Fortunately, I still have my skates, so no rentals for me. Sucks to hear they don’t maintain the rental skates. That’s often the make-or-break moment for people looking to try ice skating. They try it once, have a sucky time because the skates are garbage, then never try it again. (I hope someone from LAParks dept reads this comment)

  4. Just spoke with my friend Clark…. and they have new skates this year at the rink downtown!! Yay!!!!

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