Black Betty’s picks from “8 Films To Die For”

I’m not sure when the Miss Horrorfest winner will be announced (it was postponed from Halloween, to tonite on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but now that appears to be up in the air), but I’m still banking my blood money on Black Betty, who was interviewed here last week, to be crowned…

This weekend, right across the street from where JKL is taped, The Mann’s Chinese will be one of the theatres showing “8 Films To Die For”, the AfterDark Films nationwide horror fest.

I asked Black Betty, horror fan extraordinaire, what her picks were from the lineup:

UNREST is a terrifying film, and mainly because I heard it was filmed with real Dead Bodies (but I can’t confirm for sure or not if that is true) Either way it was really creepy. It’s about a young med student who is haunted by the spirit of her Cadaver in her Anatomy Class. Gross.. no pun intended.

THE ABANDONED is also one of my favorites. It’s a VERY well-made movie about an LA movie producer who travels back to Russia to claim the home of her now deceased parents. She never knew who her family was growing up as she was orphaned as a baby… When she arrives at the home in Russia she becomes trapped there and her arrival sets off a series of horrifying events that she has no escape from. Also, The Abandoned has a REALLY big twist at the end. HUGE.

Black Betty also gives special mention to The Gravedancers, made by Los Angeles filmmaker Mike Mendez:

It’s about a group of friends who get drunk and dance on some old graves during a friend’s wake with, of course, horrible consequences. The graves were in a special area of the cemetary for murderers who come back to haunt them….

More info on the full lineup, movie times, and participating theatres, can be found at the After Dark Horrorfest site.

(photo by Heathervescent… her full slate of Black Betty photos can be found at Flickr)

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