Sweatin’ Bullets (11/15/06): Terrorists of Love

Is this photo by the artist himself, or just an obsessed, eagle eyed fan? This and other pics of matching street art at lefeburetouch’s gallery on Flickr.

Terrorists of Love? A SoCal couple on a Southwest Flight from Los Angeles threaten a flight attendant after she rudely interrupts them from having inflight sex.

Zuma Dogg barks at the LA City Council for waiving $20,000 in event fees for the American Music Awards, a televised ABC show produced by Dick Clark. The waiver is only supposed to be for events that are open and free to the public.

Peggy Archer points out that there can only be one gaffer on a set, and presents an encyclopedia worthy “handy dandy guide to lighting-related crew folks” – particularly useful if you often sit through movie credits wondering what some of those people actually do.

Curbed LA asks, is Mayor V a hippocrite for advocating public transportation while relying on a chauffered SUV? Tony Pierce opines, “Survey says, hell yes”. Me? I see the Mayor also being an advocate for the homeless, but don’t have a problem with him sleeping in a warm bed every night.

Ever wonder what it might be like to be a tourist flying into L.A. for the chance to be on The Price Is Right and stay at the Farmer’s Daughter during the trip? Amy M at the Real Bee Log has lived it.

Contrary to our previous observation that Carvel Ice Cream was new to the LA area, reader Slappin commented, “We’ve had a carvel store here in granada hills for two years now. i’ve had consecutive fudgie the whale birthday goodness.” Indeed, a search of Los Angeles area Carvel franchises shows existing locations there, Azusa Hills, Santa Clarita, and other spots in the Southland.

Also from comments in Monday’s “Sweatin’ Bullets”, Jose and the Studio City Nerd both pointed out that while the previous pictured train car was a prop, the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake RR line that was branded on it was real. Train Web proves them right with more details.