Plane + Sex + Patriot Act = 20 Years in Jail?

Seems like that might be the case. To all the dittoheads who say there is no chance the Patriot Act can be abused can you please explain to me how “sexual activity” on an airplane can lead to charges of terrorism and leave you facing 20 years in the clink? Seriously, WTF? For one Los Angeles couple flying Southwest, Carl Persing and Dawn Sewell, that is the situation they are facing. Although granted the “official” charges of “obstructing a flight attendant and with criminal association” are stemming from Persing’s reaction to a flight attendant who asked them to stop, does anyone really think the Patriot Act is there to stop people from talking back to a Flight Attendant? Doesn’t 20 years in jail seem a *tad* excessive for basically being rude? Or if you believe the defendants attorney, being sick:

” Persing’s lawyer William Peregoy said his client was not feeling well when he placed his head on his companion’s lap, and that he only threatened the flight attendant with reporting him to his superiors on landing.”

[Thanks Tom!]

6 thoughts on “Plane + Sex + Patriot Act = 20 Years in Jail?”

  1. I guess with the government justifying all their actions with such phrases as “national security” and “Patriot Act” it only figures that everyone else would soon get in on the game. I’m just hoping with the change in Congress and the anticipated change in the executive office that being charged for thoughtcrime will be delayed just a little bit longer.

  2. WOW!!! That was a close one, where are the air marshalls when you need them? Oh wait they must have been DOING THEIR JOB and looking out for the real threats on the plane!!

  3. I don’t think they were right either. If it were up to me, I’d give them 5 – 10. But if they do get 20, oh well. I think it’s funny.

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