William Cardenas speaks out

lg.jpegI’m a little short on time at the moment but wanted to point out this story on KCAL where they were able to speak to William Cardenas, the man we saw being punched in this video:

“The guy throws a knee on my neck, but I was awkward on the sidewalk,” William Cardenas said in a jailhouse interview with reporters. “It was awkward. I was like on the driveway or something, so my rib was on the sidewalk. I just felt punches coming left and right as I was tellin’ them, `I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”‘

In the story he admits he was wrong to run and says he was just scared but that he never fought back. Also, and I don’t see this in this specific story, but on last nights broadcast news they showed video from this interview where he denied being a gang member once again. Not that this is entirely telling but he has no visible tattoos which would make that a difficult statement to make. On the broadcast they immediately followed up with Chief Bratton saying “Well, his name is in CalGangs so that means he’s a gang member.” This will be an interesting point going forward as the original statements by the officer and the LAPD claim that Cardenas status as a gang member gave them cause to use extra caution and justified the force – if he is in fact not a gang member as CopWatch originally claimed it should probably be looked into as to how someone ends up in the CalGangs list.

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