The #1 Tip to Scoring a PS3 on Launch Day Is…

Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii launch updates

Game Daily is listing their “Top 10 Tips for Scoring a Playstation 3”, and I think their best advice is to move to Wyoming, where there’s a smaller population, the lines will be shorter, and the competition to get your new game console will be less fierce.

But the weather sucks.

So, the next best thing would be to utilize the Playstation 3 Seeker, also recommended by Game Daily, to find a map of all retailers selling the PS3 near you.

I remember that during the midnight launch of the hotly anticipated Star Wars: Episode I toys a few years back (back when you were wearing diapers, kid) a buddy of mine was punched in the face so his attacker could snag the Darth Maul action figure my friend held. Competition was Sith worthy. Instead of giving up, my buddy hopped in his car and went to a Wal-Mart near Carson, where he was able to snag TWO of every Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jin, and Jar Jar Binks action figure (this was before the movie came out, so we can’t hold this against him).

Lesson being: in spite of the hype surrounding the midnight launches at Best Buy and Circuit City, venture away from the studio zone – try Palmdale, Santa Clarita, or Rancho Cucamonga.

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6 thoughts on “The #1 Tip to Scoring a PS3 on Launch Day Is…”

  1. Palmdale will NOT yield positive results… People up there are bored and have time to burn, as well as money.

    You’d have better luck choosing a Best Buy and camping.

  2. Or you could get a real life and not worry about the PS3… Do you people date? Do you leave your homes? 8-)

  3. David Markland: I’m sure there are things that excite you enough to make people want to say the same thing to you.

  4. I live in Lancaster, CA (right next door to Palmdale), there’s no way you’ll find one out here, they were sold out in minutes. It’s just like everywhere else here.

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