2 thoughts on “RE/Search Prankfest this weekend”

  1. This is awesome news Heather! I have had the original book since way back when you were listening to Culture Club!

    My pest prank was back in the day. Check it… a house full of us young rock n roll types, doing as little as possible. One amongst us was a do nothing from Boston with a penchant for staying up later than all of us and creating a complete mess in the kitchen. Hence, dirty dishes that no one wanted to do since they all belonged to him.

    We started to notice and complain about ants in the kitchen very near his room. So one day I spread fine sugar in a trail to his room and molasses on his bed posts. I think we even put some dirty dishes under his bed. Kind of forgot about doing it too. Fast forward to a couple of days later. Early one afternoon, the usual suspects are hanging out in the living room suddenly out jumps this late sleeping dork and in his thick Boston accent screams…”I got ants in eayah. I got ants my eayah!!!!!” Classic. Almost got my ass kicked but so worth it.

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