Give Thanks, Get Thanks with Turkey Day Volunteer Opportunities

Reader Allison writes:

It’s my first LA thanksgiving without plans. I’d love to know some volunteer opportunities or suggestions from readers of what to do sans family.

While I can’t recommend anything specific, a couple places you can find volunteer opportunities on Thanksgiving day or any other time of year, try L.A. Works or Volunteer Match. Both have searchable databases to find ways to help by location or type of service needed.

Readers – any other suggestions on how to spend a fulfilling Thanksgiving? Some ideas after the jump.

Last year, LA Foodblogging strongly recommended volunteering with Faith In Christ Ministries. “They serve about 700 meals. It is not as well known as some of the bigger operations… it doesn’t even have a web page to describe the Thanksgiving event! … but the people who are helped are happy to see the cheerful volunteers and to enjoy a good meal.”  Contact info is provided at the blog.

The Echo hosts the staging area for the “5th Annual Gobble Gobble Give Feast” where they “will pack up and deliver 800-1000 hot meals (that’s our goal!) tooth brushs/paste and some hats n’ sox for some of our homeless Angelinos.” They need both advance and day of volunteers, and are also looking for donations of hats, socks, toothbrushes, and more (“Clean out yr leftover swag and rid yrself of all that hotel shampoo”). Details and contact info here.

The International Institue of Los Angeles is seeking drivers to deliver Thanksgiving meals to homebound seniors in East Los Angeles (volunteer registraion deadline is today, November 14th, so get crackin’!).

(photo by CCSilverBottom taken at the LA County Fair, via Flickr)

2 thoughts on “Give Thanks, Get Thanks with Turkey Day Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. I reccomend LA Works. I done programs every year with them. I usually work with Angel’s Flight in Downtown. But at this time of year, ALOT of program that people are interested in are full. Unless you really like washing bunny rabbits (true!).

    Keep in mind, there is also Project Angel Food. You attend a orientatation (sorry, I’m super tired) so you have to include that as. They will place in a spot most needed. They make food and deilver it to people who are unble to leave their homes from AIDS.

    You can read to the kids, but I think they are looking for spanish speaking readers more. (I was asked to stop attending one weekend because of my lack of proper spanish skills) But that is fun, and you have to pass a LAISD background check. You don’t start off right away. You should be able to find this through LA Works.

  2. Animal Acres is a farm animal rescue shelter/farm, and they have rescued turkeys that you can feed or clean up after. They purr like cats.

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