Being Geek in LA

This past weekend I holed up in Little Radio‘s warehouse for BarcampLA – a technology geek fest. Most people would consider the word geek deragotory, however I am not one of them. A geek is passionate about technology and everyone I met over the weekend was definitely passionate.

I don’t think of Los Angeles as a technology city. We’re full of lights, openings, entertainment, actors and celebrity. The distinction between my previous northern uber-technical city and LA is vast. The attitude towards technology even vaster. So when I came across Barcamp earlier this year (when Sean helped with it) my reaction was not much different from finding out about Apex. I had a blast and didn’t want to lose a connection with other people interested in technology. So like anything I want to see continue, I volunteered to help out.

That helping out culimated in this past weekend’s Barcamp Redux. Mack Reed live-blogged, Jory from Belkin handed out tune-talks which were used to record many of the sessions and eecue was on hand snapping photos. In the meantime I stressed about the last minute details, built a digital camera for $35, killed two werewolves and met loads of interesting, amazing people. I heard there were even electric car hayrides.

Tonight I’m headed out to the monthly geek dinner to recap and connect with many of the people who I met this weekend.

Where do you go it you’re passionate about technology? And do you want to join in the fun yourself?

* photo by revolute