We’re not Boardwalk? Not even Park Place!?

Picture%204.pngAs mentioned earlier this year by LA City Nerd, Hasbro held an online poll to determine L.A.’s “definitive landmark” to be included in the Monopoly Here and Now Edition, to replace the New Jersey properties the original game featured with popular U.S. destinations.

Hollywood won out. We’re replacing Ventnor Ave. – a yellow zone property that falls five properties short of Park Place. While Los Angeles is arguably the most vain city in the United States, I think we (and by we, I mean Hollywood), deserve better.

I’ll stand by New York’s Time Square being chosen to replace the vaunted Boardwalk, as well as the expensive pricing of The White House in D.C. (Pennsylvania Ave. – of course), Las Vegas Blvd. (Pacific Ave.), and San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge (Marvin Gardens).

But how did two baseball properties get ranked higher than the entertainment capital of the world, behind Chicago’s Wrigley Field (North Carolina Ave.) and Boston’s Fenway Park (Park Place)?

UPDATE (12:30pm): Josh in Seattle writes: “At least you’re further along the board than Seattle. Although we didn’t even make it past Free Parking, I maintain that the orange properties are critical to victory.”
He covered his city’s inclusion of Pioneer Square a couple months ago.

(a full listing of Monoply Here and Now properties and token changes at About.com)