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If you’ve been reading this site for more than a week or two then you already know that many of us are no strangers to local gun ranges. For a while a few of us were going downtown to The LA Gun Club (pictured above photo by Jason DeFillippo) almost weekly and punching crazy holes in paper bad guys. I still go shooting every chance I get and often try and drag new folks down to give it a shot themselves. So far I’ve never taken anyone shooting who didn’t want to go back again the following week. Linda Immediato joins the chorus with a a story in this weeks LA Weekly called Zen and the Art of the Muzzle Blast where she talks about the crazy stress relief that comes from squeezing off some lead.

“It’s not all about aggression — if you try it, you’ll be surprised at the deep state of relaxation required to shoot well. You can’t be tense; as with yoga, it’s all about focus and technique. Breathing is the most important thing: With shoulders straight and feet apart, you take a deep lungful, then ease back on the trigger. You’re supposed to let the discharge be a surprise — don’t anticipate the kick or the flash. The blast will startle you, but the more you focus, the less it will affect you. And that’s when you get to that meditative state. “

She gives a nice rundown of three local ranges, including the Gun Club downtown, as well LAX Range in Inglewood and Burbank’s Firing Line and links to some other options if none of those are close enough for you. Lots of cool photos of the ranges as well. Here’s the story to check out, now who wants to go shooting?
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7 thoughts on “LA Weekly on local gun ranges as stress relief”

  1. I used to work across the street from the downtown Gun Club. It always struck me as a slightly creepy hobby to have (but then, I’ve never fired a gun in my life and I’m unabashedly pro-gun control).

  2. Don – you should have gone! In fact, unabashedly pro-gun control people are some of my favorite folks to take shooting. My mother who has been so horrified that she visibly shakes at the mention of guns and was a die hard “ban them all” kind of person actually went shooting the other day and had a great time. Now that I think of it, some of the most pro gun people I know were quite anti before someone actually put a gun in their hands and showed them what it’s all about. Don, if you ever want to go the invite is there.

  3. I’ve shot at both Firing Line and Angeles for a few years and both are good ranges.

    Firing Line is nice for the rentals and the in-town nature of it (I used to go shoot during lunch to blow off steam from a high stress job)

    Angeles is interesting just for the sheer variety of shooting options. It’s fun to drag out the shotguns and go trap shooting (or frustrate yourself doing sporting clays at M&M across the canyon). But my favorite, just cause it takes the Zen of shooting to the extreme, is to break out the old WWII era 1903A3 Springfield and shoot at the big moose size targets way, way out there (500-800 yds I think)

    And of course I say this as liberal as they come. Sometimes, you’ve just got to be well armed to get a conservative to listen to you. :)

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