Free booze, smokes, and cash for loiterers

Get booze, smokes, and cash to stand in line!  The Los Angeles Craigslist has at least three ads offering paid gigs for anyone willing to hold a place in line for a Playstation 3. One offers “$20.00 per hour, up to 48 hrs straight”, the other is looking for “several people” who’s “work shift will start on Tuesday 11/14 or Wednesday 11/15” through 11am Friday, when, apparently, they’ll release you. Pay is $300, plus benefits:

You will recieve a minimum of two take out meals per day, or I’ll pay for your grocieries and you can pack your own food, I’ll also provide booze, smokes whatever else as long as your of age and relaible, like I said anything you need to survive two days of standing, waiting for this event.

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