Police Report and New LAPD Video Don’t Match Up

lapdstill.jpgAccording to a new report by KCAL the police report of the arrest of William Cardenas contradicts what is seen in the video prompting even more questions. Here’s the issues they point out:

– The report says that Officer Farrell only punched Cardenas twice, however at least 6 punches are seen on the video.

– The report says Officer Farrell punched Cardenas in the face only after he grabbed at the officers belt, the video shows Cardenas hands no where near Officer Farrell’s belt when he began punching.

According to the story Cardenas’ attorney is also disputing the claim that he is a Gang member which ads more focus to that specific question. The original CopWatch report also claimed he was not a gang member but all LAPD reports and press statements have maintained that Cardenas is in a gang.

On 20/20 last night they had a brief interview with the woman who filmed this video and she claimed that the officers were yelling at her to stop filming the entire time however since she was on private property and not violating any laws she continued to film, but this makes me wonder why the report would vary from the footage since the officers knew they were being filmed.

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3 thoughts on “Police Report and New LAPD Video Don’t Match Up”

  1. I wish I caught the 20/20 interview last night because it opposes the statement in the LAPD’s press release:

    “Based on the LAPD’s preliminary investigation, the involved officers and the investigating supervisors were not aware that an uninvolved witness recorded part of the arrest on a video camera.”

  2. Guess that’s why it’s “preliminary”?

    If she’s getting interviewed by national news programs saying they were yelling at her to stop filming someone knew she was there. Maybe they thought she did stop filming? Although on 20/20 they said it was filmed with a cellphone so that might be the issue. Maybe they thought she was taking photos?

  3. They weren’t being filmed. They were being taped! C’mon stop saying “film” when there’s no film!

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