Ridazz of the Dead Tonight

Bicimuertos_flyer_1159373934.jpgIt’s the second Friday of the month again, and that means it’s time for a Midnight Ridazz ride! While the decision to hold multiple rides from various starting points has been successful in reducing the volume of Ridazz, the second Friday rides are still attracting hundreds of people. And tonight, those hundred of people will be the Biciclistas Muertos, riding from Los Feliz to raise the dead in a cemetery in East L.A., and then ending the ride in Echo Park. This is a 22 mile loop – a bit longer than most rides – so be ready for a long night.

This is also a costume ride, so I’ll be getting one more night out of my Little Dead Riding Hood costume. Also, a bright red cape makes me much more visible to drivers, as well as to my fellow bloggers trying to find me in the masses. And for those of you who do not have an outfit planned, I have word that there will be t-shirts for sale before the ride, with the skeleton ride picture to the right, for just ten bones apiece. No matter what you’re wearing though, it should be an awesome ride tonight. Ride on!